Ballads, contemporary songs, sea chanteys, spirituals, love songs, blues, peace and protest songs, you name it. . . It'll take its direction from the inclinations of the singers who come. It's not a class, not a festival, not a workshop. Just a gathering for singers. No big names, just you and us. You don't need to be a performer or have a beautiful voice, so long as you don't mind using it. Bring your instruments to accompany, but this is not a pickers' gathering. We're going to focus on that most ancient and expressive of folk instruments -- the voice.

It'll be small and friendly, with a maximum of 50 people. The food is home-cooked, and much of it home-grown. In between song sessions, there'll be time to walk in the woods, relax by the pond, milk a cow, or feed a calf. Come and join in!

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