Andrew Curtis, Farmer & Director
Andrew Curtis was raised at Journey’s End and has absorbed nearly three decades of philosophy, wisdom and skill from several generations of camp leadership including Ralph and Marie Curtis (his late grandparents), Carl (his late father) & Tim Curtis (his uncle). He is a 2011 graduate of College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine where he earned a bachelors degree in Human Ecology. Andrew’s studies included Agriculture, History, and Botany, which led him back to Journey’s End to put renewed energy into farm practices and projects.  Andrew enjoys working with his hands and the natural world; he is equally at home cutting firewood, hoeing corn, making jam, or tinkering with his 1965 Volkswagen Beetle.



Kristin Curtis, Co-owner
Kristin Curtis has called Journey’s End home for over 30 years. After graduating from Guilford College in Greensboro, NC, with a BA in Spanish, she taught Spanish and music at Olney Friends School in Barnesville, Ohio, where she also served as a dorm “mom” for female students. She met and married fellow teacher Carl Curtis (Dec. 2002) in an on-campus, all-school ceremony. After relocating to Journey's End, Carl took on the directorship of JEFC, while Kristin worked as a copy editor at Highlights for Children. Kristin now oversees the annual and daily operations of the camp and farm, in addition to running our maple syrup operation. Her warmth and even keel make her a calming force and role model to all, especially the female staff. She loves to sing, hang out laundry, and is especially fond of JE salads. Carl and Kristin’s three grown sons, Jason, Ira and Andrew, are each involved in camp and farm activities in various capacities.


Lily Allgood, Head Gardener
Lily Allgood, a Maine native, pulled up stakes and moved to Pennsylvania in 2013 to be with Andy Curtis at Journey’s End Farm. With a background in culinary and visual arts, and a degree in Human Ecology, she didn’t expect to become a farmer. With no prior experience, save a few backyard chickens, she made a go of it and fell in love with gardening. She has since taken on the role as Head Gardener, growing wholesome food for the camp, the family, and the Hawley Farmers Market. Lily also helps year-round with farm chores and behind the scenes camp nitty-gritty. She still loves to cook (often for a crowd), and makes a little art on the side. One year, she made it her New Year’s resolution to like eggplant, and now it’s her favorite vegetable.

Year-Round Staff


Greg Elliott
Greg Elliott has been coming to Journey's End Farm since he was five-years-old - first as an attender of Quaker meeting, then as a camper, counselor, Assistant Director, and Co-Director of Journey's End Farm Camp. He recently moved to the farm with his wife, Ashley, and has been working on diversity, inclusion, fundraising, and outreach for JEFC, as well as helping out around the farm. Greg is in the process of writing his first chapbook of poetry and enjoys playing music and reading comic books in his spare time.




Ashley Robb Crockett
Ashley, from Philadelphia, moved to Journeys End farm after spending the summer of 2017 as a counselor. She is married to Greg Elliott, and is an alumna of the Girard Academic Music Program where she studied classical singing. Presently, she can be found ruminating on natural philosophy while chopping wood, doing chores and learning farm skills.  She finds working with children to be intrinsic to a happy life and is looking forward to sharing her love and appreciation for the arts with campers. Her other interests include growing culinary medicinal mushrooms and practicing Qigong.





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Cahir Csontos
Cahir grew up a few miles down the road from Journey's End Farm, outside the village of Newfoundland. He's been a camper and counselor, and has been a year-round farmer since 2012 doing everything from taking in hay to collecting maple sap. Recently he started a small apiary which he hopes will flourish to benefit the farm and locality. He gets excited about traveling and spending time outdoors, having a particular love for biking, hiking and climbing. Cahir plays music on his own and in a few bands, and is always down for a board game!



Tulio Curtis
Tulio grew up far away from Journey’s End in the Quaker community of Monteverde, Costa Rica.  However, he has been connected to Journey’s End since birth, as he was born on the farm, and is the son of long-time director and resident Tim Curtis.  He has spent many summers here as both a camper and counselor, and returned in 2016 to work on the farm.  He attended Grinnell College and graduated in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.  After graduating, he worked for 2 years as a math tutor for Minnesota Math Corps, in St. Cloud, MN.  He has since been working at Journey’s End as an extra farm hand.




Off-Site Staff


Kristen Suzda & Jason Curtis
Kristen (a Chicago native) and Jason (a Journey's End native) live and work in Philadelphia and lend their skills in design, construction, planning, technology, business management, website development and social media to the farm operation. Jason was raised at Journey's End along with his brothers Ira and Andy, and officially brought Kristen into the JE family when they married. In their time on the farm, they build and repair things, drive tractors, pull weeds, gather sap, savor fresh food and enjoy the woods. When they're not on the farm, Kristen is an architect and enjoys photography, cycling, and swimming; Jason is a landscape architect and enjoys culinary endeavors, traveling, skiing, and gardening.





Ira Curtis
Ira lives in Florence, Massachusetts, with his wife Hilary and two stepsons Henry and Max.  Ira grew up at Journey's End and had the pleasure of being a camper, counselor, and maintenance man at JEFC over the years. When possible, he continues to help complete the long list of building maintenance and improvements around the farm. Since carving his first spoon at camp at the age of 8, he has gained experience and knowledge in many aspects of woodworking ranging from Home building and renovation to fine furniture and Lutherie.  Ira works as a Project Manager for Classic Colonial Homes and enjoys building custom guitars in his free time.


Journey's End Farm - Tim Curtis s Namba.jpg

Tim Curtis, Director Emeritus
Tim Curtis was raised at Journey’s End while his parents, Ralph and Marie Curtis, directed camp. A graduate of Earlham College, Tim holds degrees in English and Biology and speaks fluent Spanish. He has been involved in Journey's End for most of his life, most recently as director from 2010-2016. Tim and his wife, artist Helena Guindon, returned to Helena's native Costa Rica in early 2017. Tim is known for his commitment to kindness and fairness, his uncanny ability to remember everything, and of course, his unmatched wit. In his time at camp, he has passed along much invaluable knowledge to campers and staff. Fortunately many of them are returning to carry on the tradition.