Dear Curtis Family,
Thank you so much for the wonderful and fun time! I had a great experience at JE! It was a pleasure taking care of the animals. The food was amazing and the counselors were cool and awesome. The animals were cute and nice (most of the time). The activities were fun and challenging and everybody gave so much support. The nice and fresh smell was everywhere (except for the barn)! I hope I can come back next year. I wish you guys a great rest of the summer! :)
— Camper, 2015

Our daughter attended Journey’s End over 20 years ago, and we still recall the deep impression it made in her development. She now lives in an earth-friendly community where she can live out her passion for respecting the earth and all the people on it. I know this attitude was fostered by her early life experiences such as Journey’s End.
— Camp Parent

You come here and get recharged and realigned. Being here reminds you of the kind of person you want to be.
— Counselor, age 21

We heard all about “zero waste” and how they really like salad.
— Camp Parent

If you did something stupid they didn’t make you feel worse, they helped you figure things out. When you were talking to them, they acted like that was the only thing they wanted to do; they were really interested.
— Camper to Parent re:counselors

The many long-held traditions of JE never felt exclusive to them. They immediately felt welcomed by the long history and never left out.
— Camp Parent

A supportive atmosphere with time to be a kid, watch the vegetables grow, care for others.
— Camp Parent

Being so dirty makes me feel so free!
— Camper, age 8, on a mud hike
Journeys End Farm Camp - mud hike.jpg

I think about JEFC on a weekly basis...I have raved about it since I first went....and I still talk about it like I went yesterday! Amazing place to have gone!!!! I feel lucky every day!
— Renee Schaiman Glick, camper, 1986-1988

I had the best time ever at Journey’s End Farm Camp
— Joe from Parsippany, NJ

Did you know the scientific name for cow is ‘boss’?
— Camper, age 10

You know that path I took in the morning? How the sun was halfway behind the barn so that the light just touched the tips of the lettuce and onions?
— Camper (8) to Sister Camper (12)

A safe place to explore the rhythms of the natural world and a chance for new experiences with purpose.
— Camp Parent
Picking up the kids and the ride home from camp was one of the highlights of my year – I’m not kidding. Both of them were so purely and absolutely and unabashedly themselves.
— Camp Parent