Vegetable gardens have been part of the farm ever since the Curtis family purchased the land in 1925. Beginning in 2009, Journey's End Farm has hosted a number of young farmers as they launched their own ventures. They grew food for camp, started CSAs, sold produce at local markets, and helped build community. Some have moved on to start new farms. Click the links below to learn more about two of them: 

Today, the gardens at Journey’s End are again being tended by family, primarily Andy Curtis and Lily Allgood, who live on the farm year round. Both hold degrees in Human Ecology and have backgrounds cooking in farm-to-table restaurants. They are passionate about beautiful, old-fashioned and unusual vegetables, which they grow for camp and The Hawley Farmer’s Market (Fridays 2pm-5pm, May through October). 

Small market-garden plots, ranging from 3,000-11,000 square feet, are scattered around the farm. A diverse selection of vegetable varieties are rotated between plots, cultivated primarily with hand tools and occasionally with a tractor. Cow manure and vegetable scraps are composted on the farm to amend the soil. No chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are ever used. The soil, plants and animals (including humans!) are healthier for it. So, stop by the farmers market and support local and sustainable growers. Lily and Andy love to share what they know about gardening and cooking. They want their community to experience what a revelation really fresh, well-grown vegetables can be.

For more information about Journey’s End Farm vegetables or apprenticeships contact: Lily Allgood.