When We Aren't Around...

JourneysEndFarm_TrailCam (7).jpg

Most of you who have spent time at Journey’s End probably have encountered some wildlife on your walks in the woods.  Likely that list includes, rabbits, squirrels and deer, and maybe others if you’ve been lucky.  Many of the other animals in our woods stick to nocturnal hours or other times when humans aren’t banging around in the woods.  The most obvious time, when human activity in the woods is at a minimum, is when campers and staff aren’t here.

During our off season, we stationed some cameras in the woods at various locations to see what we don’t see.  The results are pretty amazing.  Animals we know are in the woods from seeing their signs (tracks, scat) are captured on camera.  The short-list of animals we are really excited about includes bears, bobcats, foxes, raccoons, hawks, owls and some big buck deer.

If you’re ever lucky enough to see any of these animals in the woods, be respectful.  Observe, keep your distance and try to keep quiet - actually, if you weren’t quiet in the first place, you probably won’t see anything.  Remember, you’re in their home, not yours.  And always remember, don’t touch!