Slim Jim 2005 - April 3, 2017

Our faithful friend, Slim Jim, died in the night.  Even though we did not consider him an old cat, when we thought about it we realized he was around 12 years old.  We liked to introduce him to visitors as our 'farm manager.'  He was quite observant, whether stalking prey or making sure all was well on the farm.  He seemed to make the rounds during chore time, checking up on everyone and making sure they had what they needed. Just lately, he'd been jumping up to visit Iris in her bunny cage, as he used to do with his friend Coffee.  We buried Slim Jim at the edge of the Round Meadow, near Coffee and Mama Bunny.  We miss him already and spent some time unearthing photos of him dating back nearly to his birth. If you have a favorite memory of Slim Jim, please send it to us or post a comment.