Fall Work Day #3 - Check.

Journeys End Farm Work Day 3.jpg

We had another successful work day last Saturday, November 7th, in which we spread finished compost on some of next year’s garden, moved more compost over to the henyard to finish ‘cooking’ by next summer, cut down two unwanted trees in the boys’ bunk area (thank you, John Tull!), collected dried leaves to disc into the soil, set up a winter pen for Jackie in the shop, said goodbye to the pigs, who left for the butcher that morning, and then dismantled their pen, as it will be in a new location next summer. Thanks to those who came to help: Jean Mackenzie and Maya Sabin; John Tull and Diane Gentry, with Anika, Audrey and little John; Jason Curtis, Kelly Ozambela; Kelly Davis with Eleanor and George Davis-Diver; Louise Ward, Erin Johnson and Mark, Sasha and Tori. And, of course, Cahir Csontos.