Journey's End has been the Curtis family farm since 1925, and the site of Journey's End Farm Camp for children since 1960. It includes over 200 acres of woods (including a maple sugarbush), fields, pastures and gardens, a one-acre pond, and two streams. It has been home to four generations of Curtises, a menagerie of farm animals, and many peoples' memories.

The farm operations and virtually all practices and activities that take place here are governed by our philosophy that we should not take more from the earth than we need and what we do take should be used to its fullest extent. Approximately 60 acres are held in a conservation easement which guarantees that the property will remain as woods and fields and be used for agriculture.  

The farm has different seasonal faces.  Spring's warming temperatures activate our maple trees which we tap to make maple syrup.  Summer brings life to the gardens which feed farm residents throughout the year and help feed summer campers and staff.  Summer campers also bring life to the farm and help create adventures and memories and learning experiences to carry forward in their lives.  Fall brings calm and harvest and storage of food for winter.  Winter brings beautiful scenes in the woods, fields, and streams as we prepare for the approaching sap season (in between sledding runs, plowing driveways, and cutting firewood).